Monday, December 19, 2016

2 week meal plan

This is one of our two week meal plans. I try to always change them up every two weeks so it is never the same but this is one we recently used. Now of course you can changed it up to be your own, I know some nights will be busy for me so I plan to make them as simple as possible.

2 Week meal plan~(Dinners)

Day 1~ Loaded baked potato bar
Bake potatoes and set out things like cheese, sour cream, bacon bits, chives, mushrooms, cut up ham or anything else you enjoy
You can also wrap up the potatoes in foil and then place them in a slow cooker to cook, making this dinner even easier.

Day 2~ Meatball sandwiches
Homemade or frozen meatballs  place in rolls and top with cheese. Heat in oven till cheese melts.

Day 3~Grilled cheese and soup
If you use tomato soup you can add topping for it like goldfish and cheese

Day 4~  Stuffed Pasta&  gravy with garlic bread

Day 5~ Pizza night! Frozen if busy or homemade if not. My kids like plain~ dough, sauce and different kinds of cheese

Day 6~  Chicken, broccoli and rice casserole
Start by cooking the chicken and shredding it, stem the broccoli and cook the rice. Then mix it all in a big bowl add cheese and one can of cream of chicken soup. If you need to make this quicker use frozen broccoli. Heat in oven(set to 350) for about 10 mins.

Day 7~ Meatloaf night

Day 8~ Hot dogs and beans

Day 9~  Quesadillas~ filled with cheese and chicken but you can ad beans and salsa too

Day 10~ Shepherd's pie
Cooked ground meat, with veggies over mashed potatoes and topped with cheese

Day 11~ Fish & chips

Day 12~ Sloppy joes

Day 13~ rice and veggies
My kids love rice so we just make some and add cooked veggies to the top

Day 14~ Tater tot casserole
this one is a new one for me and I am still trying to perfect it

Day 15~  Eat out day, normally this is the day we do food shopping and get anything else that we need to get done, done

For breakfast we normally do cereal on week days and weekends we do one of these~
~toast topped with avocado and egg
~toast & eggs
~ hash brown and egg omelette
~veggie omelette
~pancakes or waffles
~corn beef hash and egg

Lunch is the hardest thing for me to plan but some we love are~
~Peanut butter, jelly and banana wrap
~netalla and banana sandwiches
~lunch meat sandwiches
~yogurt and fruit
~bacon, lettuce and tomato wraps topped with blue cheese dressing

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