Wednesday, December 7, 2016

What is meal planning and why is it important?

Meal planning is writing out every meal you will have for each day of the week, though some do it for a whole month. I started meal planning awhile ago now and I do it for every two weeks. I only do it for dinner and sometimes lunch because we are set in what we eat for breakfast with my two little ones.  It has saved me so much money when food shopping. Besides meal planning I also look for deals at my local stores. I am not a couponer and dont have the time for it but  I have cut my bill almost in half by just being papered. Most food shopping places have the store set up to where you are looking at something you dont necessarily need but looks good enough to buy at every isle and by the time you are  checking out you realize you bought way more then needed. So next time you get ready to go shopping set out some time to write down at least the dinners you  will be having, you will be surprised how much money you save. I will soon be sharing my meal plans monthly but I want to make sure I have the right measurements before I share. I am one of them people who go by dashes, and pinches then 1/4 cup lol

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