Thursday, January 19, 2017

ways to recycle egg shells...and other things :)

Before you throw out them egg shells why not try to recycle them a different way like~
~Feed for chickens to boost calcium intake
~Sprinkle around your garden to keep pest away
~Calcium boost for tomato plants (place them in the hole before planting)
~Make egg shell powder to add to your food for a calcium boost
~To start seeds
~Compost or just mix straight into the soil
~Make sidewalk caulk
~Add to broth
~Crafts (we dye them and crush them, kids love gluing them to paper to make pictures)
~Bird treats(bake for 20 mins at low, crush and add them to a bird feeder)
~Crushed egg shells can help get off stuck on food when washing
~Blown eggs for Easter or any craft time
~Egg shell candles
~To stop itchy skin (drop shells in some apple cider vinegar let it soak and dab on itchy skin)
~Keep stray cats away (unsure about this one :/ )

Other things you can reuse!~
~Banana peels to add potassium to a garden
~Chicken feathers to add nitrogen to a garden
~Old tires and bottle to make planters
~yogurt and k cup containers to start seeds
~Water from boiling eggs helps add calcium to the soil and feed plants
~Aspirin water mix spray to help seeds grow(google how to do it first lol)

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