Monday, January 30, 2017

Cattail fire starters

The best fire starters I have ever used and I just realized I have tried a lot. As a city girl growing up cattails are something I did not see so when I did and found out all the seeds they carry and how fun they are I started to think of ideas to do with them. I let my kids play with them in a sensory bin and then ended up with a huge bin of cattail down. So I figured why not make fire starters. I cut up a egg carton, placed rolled up cattail down in each cup and topped it with hot wax. After I wrapped it in newspaper and tied it off with string. The newspaper and string is not needed though. I have been using some that I made without it and it works just as fine. These are long lasting and very worth the work of putting them together. 

Here is a video I put together of the how to instructions~

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