Thursday, February 2, 2017

DIY Swiffer reusable clothes

I love Swiffer products but the replacement things can get pretty expensive. Well  recently I had on a shirt that I swear  collects every single piece of hair, pet fur, and anything small that I pass. No matter how I wash or dry this shirt it was plan annoying. So I figured it would make a great swiffer cloth. I measured the size of the swiffer and cut a little extra on the top and bottom so I can tuck it in like a normal cloth would. It worked amazing. You can really use any kind of fabric you feel like would work and you can do the same thing for the swiffer mop, just add a strip of velcro. If you do not have the mop try making a swiffer head using a hand towel and that way you can spray the floor and easily spot clean. These are reusable, just throw in the washer or hand wash and let dry.

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