Monday, March 27, 2017

Growing Tulips

These flowers are so beautiful for spring, I am in love with the ones that grow around here. 
~The first thing to grow these beautiful flowers is timing. Bulbs should be planted in late fall before frost. They stay dormant all winter and come up in spring.(September/December are good planting times) 
~Next is to choose the right bulbs. Bulbs should be planted within 5 days of buying. Always go to a nursery and look at what you are buying before hand. Never get any bulbs that have defects. Stay away from mold and split bulbs, go for firm and light brown in color. They love to be planted in groups so make sure to get enough. They also look amazing planted with Forget-me-not's.
~Now that you have the right bulbs you need to plant them correctly. Find a spot that gets at least 6 hours of sun a day and plant with about 4 inches space in between. One bulb can sprout between 4-6 stems.  Till soil, add compost and make sure it is a well drained spot. (raised garden bed?..they work very well) Plant about 6 inches deep(what ever 3 times to length of the bulb is), but remember the bigger the bulb the deeper you should go so it stays cool. Always plant pointed side up and give them a good watering after but then not again till leaves start growing. 
Note~ they can be planted in pots but we grow in ground so I do not know much about that..yet..
~Once your plant starts growing its time to keep it healthy so it can grow back next year! Make sure to remove any dead flower heads before they start falling and any leaves when they turn yellow and most of all... Fertilize in the fall, every fall. 

So remember....
Tulips do not like over watering and need good drainage to stay healthy
There is many kinds and colors of tulips
Tulips can be planted in pots but that takes on a whole new experience
Rodents love these little bulbs and will dig them up
Leave them be in the winter
As long as the plant and bulb are healthy they will come back year after year
Some tulips grow tall some grow short, sun and water can also effect the growth
Unless conditions are perfect most bulbs only bloom for 3 years before dying off for one reason or another  
Sudden warm weather will make these bulbs bloom too early, it happens
Do not get discourage! If your bulbs fail to bloom, try again!

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