Thursday, March 16, 2017

Pine cone fire starters, how well do they work?

I have seen plenty of people swear by pine cones for great fire starters so of course out  I went collecting them from near by trees. I got home and wanted to make them pretty so I used old melted wax and covered the bottom of each cone. That step I know is not needed but it was a way to use the wax and I was bored...Anyway I got really happy to set my next fire, so I stacked up some wood and placed bills...I mean trash mail at the a pine cone to the side and went to light it....I'm sure you could imagine my disappointment when it didn't light....Tried again with another and nothing....So I just lit the paper and poof the pine cone light up after being laid on the paper. It burned for a good amount of time too, but my question is why did the pine cone not lit itself? They were dry for the record. When I herd them being good fire STARTERS I thought they would actually start the fire lol maybe I miss herd. Either way  I would keep using them as they are free and help a fire continue to grow. 

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