Friday, October 14, 2016

Growing lettuce & find the toad???Plus a small harvest

I think I grow to much lettuce every year..I seem to not plant that many seeds and end up with way more then needed. Lettuce grows quick and can live threw a light frost so you can plant few seeds threw out the growing season and always have a fresh harvest when needed.

Things to remember when growing lettuce~
~Make sure soil is loose and well drained
~If you want a early harvest you can start seeds indoors and transplant them later(water thoroughly when you do)
~Plant seeds about 1/2 inch down
~Plant seeds about every 2 weeks for a continuous harvest
~Roots of a lettuce plant are shallow so be careful when weeding
~Other good plants to have around lettuce is corn and tomatoes or even flowers
~Best to harvest in the morning
~Pick before the plant becomes mature
~Can be grown in pots
~Grows best in full sun but can grow in a little bit of shade too(remember to water regularly in hot weather.)
~Two different ways to harvest are either picking the whole plant or just picking the outside leaves, leaving the middle to grow more.
~If your plant bolts(witch happens in warm weather) harvest it, at this point the lettuce is bitter
~Mulch is a beneficial add on to this plant (helps keep it cool and weed free)
~I found lettuce does not store well and is best once picked, so we only pick what we need at that time

Other notes~
Lettuce can be grown indoors
Lettuce is apart of the sunflower family
Lettuce is known as a care free crop and rarely gets any pest. So unless you have a rabbit problem just keep a eye out for cutworms or slugs. 
Plant a few different kinds for a great salad 

So this is our latest harvest. I did not expect to get any corn this year but ended up with one so far!! It gives me hope lol Beside corn we got few different kinds of pepper, few snap peas, few sweet potatoes, lavender, and of course lettuce. 

Now for the question...can you find the toad? I didn't till he jumped onto a flower and then it took what felt like forever to find him again for a picture. 

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