Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Wish list for next spring....things I want to grow and get

Feels like this spring and summer passed by so quickly and even though gardening and growing is not over just yet..it's time to start planning for next year!

 Next year I would like to grow~
Ghost peppers (never seen the seeds for sell in stores but online)
A assortment of tomatoes(I love a colorful garden)
Watermelon (this year the one we had growing was attacked and did not make it :/ )
Onions (every year I try and fail at this, for sure need more info. in this area)
Garlic (It will be a first but some will be planted soon)
still on my maybe list~
batwing pumpkins
blue moon pumpkins
goose bump pumpkins

I would like to get~

More of these city pickers kits. We all ready have two and they are amazing to work with and have space to grow many things. I normally get mine at local stores but I see online there are many more styles and colors to try.

A watering attachment like below. Never used either but the one I have now doesn't do too well.

Compost bins, something I would for sure like to try 

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