Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Growing my little orchid

This is one flower I am not good at growing...I have killed many, but determined to keep this one alive and after finding out some simple tips and tricks it has been successful! Mine is a Moth orchid and is one of the easier ones to keep alive they say. It is in bloom right now for the second time and it is just as pretty as the first time. I kept it in a my kitchen window and love seeing it every morning. So anyway here is some things I learned that helped me keep this alive and blooming!

~Cattleya orchids are very easy to grow.
~Do not use potting soil! There is orchid soil sold in stores or you can try to make your own using bark chips, coconut husk, moss, styrofoam pellets, and charcoal. The mix needs to be breathable and that is why regular soil does not work. 
~Choose a snug pot for your plant.
~Make sure the pot has plenty of holes, over watering is easy and will kill the plant.
~Some other kinds of pots they can be planted in are net pots, clear plastic pots(these let the sunlight get to the roots easier), and rot resistant wood pots(just line with sheet moss before hand, coconut fiber will not be breathable enough). 
~They can take awhile to grow from seeds, and need to be placed almost right on top of the soil. In other words do not put the seeds to deep, they will not grow.
~This is something I didn't listen too and should have...If you re pot the plant cut off any dead or rotted roots first, then only add a little bit of soil. Normally you need to re pot when the plant becomes top heavy. (do more research on when to change the pot your plant is in, some are yearly and others are every 3 years)
~They need plenty of indirect light but I found having it outside harm the plant..way to hot... In a window worked best for me..They can burn in direct sunlight.
Rule of thumb
If leaves are dark green they need more sunlight, if they are yellow, reddish, or brown they are getting too much. A healthy orchid plant should have even light green leaves.
~Water once every week.(Cattleya should be watered a little more often)
~Do not fertilize often. 

Other inserting facts about orchids~
With many different types Orchids are the largest family of plants in the world.
Good air flow should keep the plant pest free.
Orchids can bloom in winter, giving much needed color to t his time of the year.

Remember every kind of Orchid is different and many need different care from another kind. Always do as much research as you can before or after buying a plant. There is about 30,000 different kinds so giving a general care sheet is not really doable.  

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