Thursday, October 20, 2016

Growing Cosmos sulphureus..Yep that's the name!

I got these flowers in a mix of wild flower seeds and after much research I finally found the name "Cosmos sulphureus"! I had to write about these flowers cause they are beautiful and really easy to grow. This is my second batch above.^ I pulled the first ones when I planted corn, but the seeds stayed behind and now I have tons of these flowers and more showing up each day. I don't really mind as the garden is starting to end so they add a last color burst before then.  

There is many different types of cosmos plants and many colors. (mine grow in shades of yellow, orange, and red) They need full sun to grow and sadly are unscented. They produce many flowers and can grow over 3 feet tall. Also known as golden cosmos this plant attracts butterflies and birds. The leaves remind me of ferns when they start growing. Cosmos flowers can be cut and used fresh or dried and used for crafts. This plant is a annual but the seeds are easy to collect for the next year. Once the peddles fall off of the flower and once the flower turns brown the seeds come out and look like a spiky ball. Just gently place one hand under the seeds and use the other to take the seeds out. Place in a air tight bin for next year. Some other kinds of cosmos plants have a pod with the seeds inside but this type the seeds show up right after the flower dies. (I will add a picture of that once mine start to die off but they can grow into Nov. so it might be awhile)

The seeds got around my lawn too! but sadly they will not make it here :/

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