Saturday, November 5, 2016

Home made compost bin from a storage bin

I love the idea of having a compost bin and for awhile now been looking around online for ones that my HOA would not freak out over. This means it could not be big or "open". Days of searching and pricing out ones I finally decided to make my own. I started with a small storage bin and poked many holes in all sides, top and bottom also. This helps air flow around the compost to break it down. Then place the bin in a spot that works for you and get sunlight.(some keep them in a shaded place to help keep it moist but personally I like sunny spots better and just add water when needed)  If your bin is not near your house you might want to keep a small bin in the kitchen to collect scraps to be thrown in.

Fill your bin with tons of things like~
old soil
fruit/veggie scraps
grass clippings
egg shells
tea bags
coffee grounds
shredded newspaper(this also helps if it starts to smell)
kitchen/toilet rolls
old flowers
evergreen needles
small twigs/branches

Do not add~
nothing with salt or butter
dog/cat waste
lime (carries a lot of acid)
dairy products

Remember to keep the compost moist, add water when necessary but remember it should be moist but not soaking.  Also make a habit of every time you add something to shake around the box to mix up the compost. With smaller bins it should only take between 4-6 months for compost to be ready. Use in a gardens or sprinkle over lawns to help keep both healthy!

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