Saturday, November 26, 2016

A good reason to save your fallen leaves

We are all about reduce, reuse, recycle and it bothered me so much to see my neighborhood doing leaf pick up. They go over and behind to collect the leaves in everyone's back yard and even going some what in the woods. From what I herd it gets burned  in this area...that is sad...So here is some reasons why you should keep the leaves and what to do with them! 
~Compost~ It is a organic material that adds carbon witch is a plus. Try shredding them before adding. Helps it break down quicker.
~Mulch~Shredded leaves help insulate plants and breaks down on its own. We also add it over our garden in the winter when growing is done. (also great to go over garlic plants for the winter)
~Chicken bedding and stimulation. Gives them a place to dig and search. Make sure the leaves stay dry though and this could be added to a compost pile when you clean them out of the coop. 
~Bug homes! Pile leaves in a place away from the home and let it be. Many bugs call leaves home.
~Craft! There is many craft ideas on google to reuse leaves. We have done a few in our home and always have fun.
~Add to the bottom of pots when you plant next season.

 I am sure I did not even come close to listening all the ways you can reuse leaves, so if you know more feel free to add in the comments!

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