Monday, November 14, 2016

A list of easy fire starters

We keep a bucket in our kitchen to help collect things that could go in the fire and stay out of the trash. Sense we started a compost pile and a fire bin it has made a big difference in how much trash we end up with each week. We really enjoy it and its been a huge learning experience. These are the things we keep out of the trash and put in our trash bin to use when we build fires both inside the home and outside. 

~paper towels
~toilet paper rolls
~scrap paper
~dryer lint
~wood shavings (we shaved this from cutting wood and we also use this in our compost bin)
~left over chips my kids don't finish
~left over birthday candles (for some reason in our house every birthday we end up getting new ones if you get the trick ones that don't burn out when its windy)
~birch bark (we have a few of these trees around so when we are out and see any laying around it comes home with us)
~wine corks(helps that husband works for a wine company ;) )

Feel free to add what you use, I woudl love to know what else I can  save and use!

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