Sunday, November 13, 2016

How to choose, cut, and freeze Mango

The first thing is to choose the right mango. A good mango doesn't have anything to do with the color but more with the feel. A ripe mango will be soft. (think of avocados, same thing) You can choose unripe ones if you plan on using them later. That is what I did this time, they were on sale so I grabbed a bunch. Mangoes also have a fruity smell that happens near their stems as they ripen. Over ripen mangoes have more of a alcohol smell and they are the ones to avoided. 

Two different ways to cut a mango~
1. This one I find harder, First you peel the whole mango. Then  cut off pieces avoiding the pit.
2. This one is way easier to me, Slice the mango with the skin. Then  use a knife to cut around the skin.

To freeze~
Cut all the mango into cubes and place on a pan that fits in your freezer. Cover the top and bottom of the pan with plastic wrap and freeze for a day. Then place mango cubes into a freezer bag and done! 

we put any thing not used into our compost bin, witch I know needs to be mixed lol

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