Friday, November 18, 2016

Why I garden with my kids and neighborhood kids

This year was the first in our new home and with our new garden. As I planned out what I wanted to plant I had many kids asking what I was doing and taking interest. My answer was planning the garden out but time and time again I kept getting this question. So no surprise when the day came to plant and transfer I had many kids at my feet watching. It was then I kind of threw the plan out the window gave each kid some seeds and they went to work making their own little space  to plant the seeds. It was amazing to see the kids take to it like little pros. 
At the end of planting it gave me a great feeling to hear them say they never get to do things like this and how much they would love to when they are grown. Maybe next year if money allows I can find some small pots and have garden party so each kid can bring home their own plant. Above was harvest day for the carrots, as you can see not many made it inside after the kids ate but it was well worth it! 

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