Tuesday, September 20, 2016


We never grow enough basil here. I really use bail in just about everything I cook. This year I bought a 5 tier planter and placed tow basil plants in that. They are growing and are healthy but it is way to small. I would not suggest planting them in small spaces like above and will for sure not do it next year. This year we did sweet and spicy basil with sweet being our favorite. 

Couple things to keep in mind when growing basil~ 
It is easy to grow from seeds(they are sensitive to cold so maybe start inside first?) 
Need well drained soil
Basil needs about 6 hours of sun daily
Water at the base of the plant when soil is dry to the touch
Basil grows well with tomato plants
Pinch off the flowers to encourage healthy basil leaves (basil flowers are actually edible!)
Remember to use clean soil as this is one plant you will be eating
Basil is better fresh though you can use a dehydrator and store them away for future cooking
There is many kinds of basil (spicy, sweet, cinnamon,  purple, and even Thai)

Aphids are one pest that basil can easily get. Check the underside of leaves often for aphids. They have a pear shaped body and come in many colors from yellow to black. Cold water spray can sometimes get rid of these or even doing some research into what good bugs many be to buy for eating these pest but not the plants.
You can harvest the bail seeds(the seed are found in the flowers once dry but are very small), I did not this year and found basil plants growing in my garden as seen above. Guess the wind carried them from the planter over to the bed. 

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