Sunday, September 18, 2016

Growing Mum's

Growing mums can be very rewarding. They come in many different colors and sizes. Above is what is currently growing in our garden bed.You can grow mums in flower pots or right in the ground. We did try pots but they did not get as big as they could have. Next year we will try a bigger pot. 
Some things to keep in mind when planting mums~
~Make sure you have a sunny spot and water as needed. 
~Fertilize, I like to use miracle grow plant food. I actually use a mix between organic soil and miracle grow soil too.
~Plant in the spring so roots can grow long enough to withstand winter. If cared for they can grow back next year with a little bit if a trim next spring.
~ Make sure the soil is loose when planting mums so roots can grow healthy. 
~Mums are also called Chrysanthemums.
~If you buy mums that are all ready bloom they have a low chance of surviving winter and coming back next year. Try to go with ones that have not bloomed yet.
~They can be planted close together to make beautiful patterns.(just make sure to feed and water regularly so they do not compete)
~Garden mums grow bigger every year while florist mums (made for cutting) will stay about the same size they are when you buy them. 

Updated picture of the caterpillars~

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