Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Bush beans

 Bush beans not mistaking to be pole beans are one thing I love to grow. Unlike pole beans, bush beans do not need something to grow on to help it stay upright. To grow bush beans it is best to start them outside rather then transferring them later on. I like growing  them in groups but give each plant around 6-8 inches of space all around. Above is the first time this season that they grew. They are in the back and surrounded by many wild flowers. I found they are really low maintenance and easy to keep up on. These beans grow from white flowers on the plant and grow rather quickly. So if you have more then one plant expect to freeze some. We had 4 plants and with 4 people in the house we ended up freezing a lot for use later on.
Tips on growing and picking bush beans~
~Pick at any time. Personally I find the smaller less curved ones better, but some like the big ones.
~Pick often! Once bush beans start growing they produce quickly and the more you pick the more that will grow.
~Blanch and freeze extras.
~If you want to pick fresh beans all season long, plant new seeds about month apart.(I planted some seeds in Aug. and now have fresh beans growing still in Sep.)

~I have grown bush beans in both right in the ground and also in planters. Both worked but I found I got a lot more from the plants right in the ground then the planter.
^Still growing 

You can also save your own seeds from beans to plant the following year. Make sure before saving any seeds you only take from the plant that looks the best. Once you picked a plant let a few of the pods over mature. They will start to turn white and have a rough feeling. If you are unsure if it is time or not yet just wait. Even if the pod turns brown the seeds can be used. Once you get a good pod take out all of the beans and let them dry. I just put miens on a paper towel and left them on the counter top for few days. Once they are dry place in a air tight glass jar and plant next year. Very rewarding! 
Seeds saved from this harvest and beans ready to be cooked. :)

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