Friday, September 16, 2016

Growing Marigolds

Marigolds are one of the top flowers I love growing for many reasons. We always start them in the ground cause they grow so quick. They can be planted in pots but I always find that they never grow as big as they could and die a lot quicker. The ones above are newer then the ones below. 

^These marigolds have been growing for months now and have even survived being planted with winter squash that took over the soil. We grow marigolds because they are so easy to take care of. Sun and water is about all they need. You can forget the fertilizer with these cause they will even grow in poor soil. We have had no pest issues this year but do not over water. Soggy soil will cause fungal infection. 

Some things to keep in mind when growing marigolds~
~Marigolds make great cut flowers for arrangements. Cut off any lower leaves and place in warm water. Add floral preservative to make them last even longer. 
~They make great snacks for some animals and even people. We own hermit crabs and they love them.  
~To dry out the flowers for crafts cut off any leaves and hang upside down till dry.
~Keep the weeds away! This is something I have to look at daily cause the weeds like to hide under the plants and are hidden till they are way big. 
~Snip off dead flowers. This stimulates new blooming. 
~Rule of thumb if it rains that day skip watering. Let the soil dry between watering.

You can save the seeds from this flower. To do so let the bloom die and dry out, then just pick it off. All the seeds will be in the head of the plant. I place mine in a glass jar for use next year. Remember only to take from healthy plants. 

Side note~ The caterpillars are doing good. We lost one but 5 still remain. They are way bigger now and are looking more green then before. They are for sure eating a lot of the carrot tops but I think it is getting to cold now and will hibernated till next spring before changing. 

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