Wednesday, September 21, 2016

My first year growing Lavender

Something I always wanted to grow and never could find in stores. Well last spring I went on a hunt for just this. One day, many stores.....and the whole time Homedepo(closes plant selling place near me) carried it just not a lot and they sell out quick.... -_-
Anyway I finally got my hands on 3 simple lavender plants. I seen they also had Spanish lavender later on in the end of summer.
Lavender care~
~do not over water, lavender needs well drained soil
~lavender does well in pots and planters 
~if you do plant lavender in the ground place it in a raised bed to improve water drainage
~sprinkling bone meal over the plants and watering lightly  in fall helps the plant during the cold winter months
~flowers can be used in crafts, soap making, sauces, and even desserts
~there is many types of lavender
~lavender is at it's peak when the blooms just start opening, this is when they will smells the best and look the brightest 
~prune the plant, this plant does very well to being shaped
~lavender can last threw winter
~lavender needs sun or can easily grow mold
~lavender is actually a herb
~only fertilize once a year 
~use mulch to help keep weeds away and it will also keep the roots warm for winter

To harvest just cut the stems form the plant making sure not to over cut so the plant still looks full. To dry lavender, hang the stems upside down in a dark well ventilated place. If you want fresh lavender in you'r home just place lavender stems in a jar or vase with no water and enjoy. 

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