Saturday, September 24, 2016

Visitor in our garden...can you guess what?

This is a first for me, I have never seen a leaf bug in person but this morning when going over everything in the garden I seen this not so little one sitting on one of my pepper plants. He was so neat to look at and very well camouflaged. Real name for this one is "Katydid" and they live almost everywhere around the world. It is a kind of grasshopper and can be light or dark green. Living only a year these  grasshoppers can not only jump but fly. The leaf like part of them is in fact their wings. They also have 6 legs and long antennas. There is rare pink/yellow ones out there that come form a rare mutation. They eat grass and leaves so I am not worried about this one roaming my garden, I am actually happy. It was a great learning chance for my kids and when I called them out to show it to them they couldn't even find it. 
People do keep katydids as pets and it is actually easy to breed them also but this one will remain free outside. 

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